Water Therapy

Water Therapy

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One of the best pieces of advice which I could ever give you is water therapy.

What is water therapy?

Water therapy consists of drinking either a large quantity of water over a long-period of time, say 4 liters (9 pints) in 30 minutes, or a medium quantity of water over a short time period (say 1 liter (2 pints) in 5 minutes). Either way the end result is startling.

Because of our diet of highly processed food and lack of activity, food is sitting in our intestines and has not been digested properly. We tend to think of our stomachs as digesting our foods, but actually our stomachs simply break down the food, then the now soupy food mix works its way down through the intestines; First of all the small intestines and then the large intestines.

All of the digesting of food, whereby we receive energy and nutrients etc. takes place in the small intestines. The stomach breaks the food down into soupy syrup and the large intestines shift the goop out at the end. But it’s the bit in the middle, the small intestines, where we actually feed ourselves.




Intestinal Villi (tiny finger like projections from the intestinal wall which help to absorb nutrients)



Now when we look a little bit deeper we find the intestinal villi. The intestinal villi are little microscopic structures, found within the folds in our intestines, which absorb the food. Now the intestinal villi get clogged up by sticky food stuffs, and digestion rates reduce.

What are the downsides of clogged intestines which are not digesting the food properly?

Well for a start you will feel bloated; you will feel slow and lethargic; you may suffer from constipation and/or diarrhea, you will be nutritionally deficient, resulting in pasty skin, poor hair quality, poor memory, feelings of being ill at ease, maybe even sick. You are also opening your life up to immunity issues and potential chronic ill health. Finally, you will also be dehydrated, which can lead onto many other forms of chronic ill-health!

So all in all it is bad!

Now there are some things which you can do. For example, you can do colonic irrigation (where you use powered water, flushing from a machine, to move things in the intestines), but this is expensive and embarrassing. You can give yourself an enema, but that only moves feces from the large intestine, not the small  intestine. So far neither is practical. Of course you could do some advanced yogic cleansing techniques, such as using a cotton cloth, but we don’t want to go there! So what else can we do?

We can drink water, but not any amount of water, we need some pressure here. This is where water therapy comes in, because by drinking water quickly, it has a flushing effect on the intestinal villi, thus cleansing the intestines and boosting our health!

Now the exact amount of water will vary from person to person. For example, I feel comfortable drinking 1 liter of water first thing in the morning, whereas my wife only feels comfortable drinking about 400ml. Size matters, and we are all set up a little bit differently.

When I first heard about water therapy, I was told to drink 4 liters of water over a half hour. It does work by the way; however, it is really hard to keep down 4 liters of water. Around 3 liters  or so, the water starts coming back up the esophagus; you start feeling nauseous and uncomfortable, and it’s not something which can be maintained on a daily basis.

Also drinking huge amounts of water can cause dilution of your blood, which could kill you! So I made a few changes, then with a little bit of experimentation, I discovered that drinking 1 liter quickly, seemed to have the exact same effect!

What is the effect?

The effect is an immediate need to urinate, followed by one or two more urgent needs to urinate, over the next hour and of course, a bowel movement. The other effects of course, been an immediate reduction in aches and pains, feeling fresh, light, healthy and energetic!

I’m telling you this is a gem!

Now it is vitally important not to try this just before you leave for work or school. Ideally do it after waking up in the morning. Make sure you don’t have to go out, for at least an hour or so, so that you can go to the toilet a few times first!

Regarding how to go about it. Simply drink clean water, and use your common sense. Personally I drink 750ml to 1 liter (473 ml in a US pint, around 2 pints) within 1 minute. This works for me, but don’t push it, do what works for you. There should be no strain. Also makes a point of doing it most days.

This one simple technique (water therapy) will change your life immediately. Our foods are too processed and we are stressed out all of the time, as stress and lifestyle and food choices result in backed up intestines, which in turn results in constipation, fatigue and feelings of burn out etc. It is a vicious cycle and we need to get of off it!.

Do yourself a favor and start water therapy (ideally first thing in the morning, but adapt to your specific needs).

If you practice every day, over the first 4 or 5 days there will be quite a bit of defecation going on, but thereafter things will settle down. This is good because it means that the backlog of feces has been removed, which is really good for health.

If we compare water therapy to colonic irrigation, colonic irrigation is better, but then again it is expensive, time consuming and embarrassing. Can you go for colonic irrigation every week, for the rest of your life? Surely not! But you can drink water every day!

If we compare water therapy with a regular enema, once again water therapy works out better because enemas don’t really clear out the deeply embedded feces. Rather they only clean out the large intestine, which is basically a dust bin. Where you really need to clean is the small intestines. Hence enemas’ while they can be easily carried out several times a week, at home, are messy and largely ineffective.

Finally we can compare water therapy against yogic cleansing techniques, which require the imbibing of cotton cloth into the anus. But this is a waste of time, unless you have a hatha yoga guru to guide you!

So if you want a deep cleanse, which really works, which is free and which is neither embarrassing nor time consuming, and which can be carried out on a daily basis, then start today.

Try to do it at least several times a week. Ideally it should be carried out every day, but obviously if you have to go somewhere, just after finishing the therapy, it will not work out well as an urgent need to urinate several times over the next hour and usually one bowel movement will also occur within around 1 to 2 hours.

Is this a messy subject?

Well yes it is and of course none of us like talk about this kind of shit (literally), but it is a key aspect of maintaining good health. We have to clear out the toxins from our bodies, if we want good health.

So start today and make an effort to keep at it regularly. Do this and you will feel more energetic, lighter, largely constipation and diarrhea free and generally a whole lot healthier, and good news is that it’s absolutely free!

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