Visualisation Meditation

Visualisation Meditation

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I previously wrote a two part article on meditation and it went into a lot of detail and some of the article was directed at various meditation techniques. Anyway this article included a visualization exercise and I feel that it is a useful exercise and is worth reading as a stand lone article. So read below and you will see the relaxation exercise and the visualization exercise. Also see the attached video, which has an audio version of this visualization meditation exercise. Try it out and see how it works for you!



  Visualisation Exercise


1.    Either sit in a comfortable chair or lies down on a couch or bed, and make yourself comfortable. You can play relaxing music if you like (ideally through headphones).

2.    Once you feel physically comfortable, start to breathe in and out deeply. No need to force yourself to breathe extra deeply or to hold your breath, rather simply makes a slight conscious effort to breathe a little more deeply. In our busy lifestyles we tend to be stressed; also most of us hunch over a computer at a desk or over the steering wheel of our car, so we have a lot of tension and shallow breathing. So simply making a mental note to breathe a little more deeply, will immediately deepening your breathing and usually a sense of instant relief will come. Possibly you feel a shrug commenting on, in this case just shrug, yawn or whatever you need to do in order to de-stress yourself.

3.    Now we are going to begin from the top of your head and work our way down. What I want you to do is to either visualise these instructions or feel them. Some people are more visual and some people are more sensate than others. If you can visualise then do so, otherwise simply ‘feel’ the following instructions.

4.    Close your eyes and see an orb of bright white light about 12 inches above your head and several inches back from your forehead. Make a physical attempt to bring your eyes upwards, as if you are looking through your forehead (don’t mind the fact that your eyelids are closed –as we are using the infinite power of our imagination here as well as a gently key to relaxation, namely creating a little bit of fatigue in the eyeballs for a few seconds, as we hold our gaze upwards).

5.    Now imagine this light gently dropping down into your head and feel your entire head filling with bright healing white light. As the light enters your forehead, immediately drop down your eyeballs and feel the sense of instant relief. Feel the glow of relaxation through your head and feel your forehead relaxing; now you’re facial muscles relaxing, and your neck relaxing. See/feel the light entering into your shoulders and again immediately feel them slump back and relax, as all the tensions leave your shoulders. Feel the light descending into your chest and feel the glow spreading around your chest and back and trapezius, now they are feeling loose and limp. With that your arms starting with your biceps, then forearms relax, and become heavy, your hands become loose and limp and relaxed. The light continues down into your lower abdomen, lower back, then genitals and buttocks. Feel the relaxation as the glow moves downwards, down your thighs and hamstrings, knees calf, ankles feet and toes and even soles of your feet. You now feel deeply relaxed.

6.    Now go a little deeper by focusing a little on your breathing, With each deep in-breath see white glowing light energy (think it if you cannot see it) into you entire body and lighting it up like a bulb, and then as you release your breath, see a dull grey vapour leaving your body with every out-breath, relieving all the tensions, toxins and psyche debris. Breath in light and breath out toxins, gently breathe like this, no force just awareness.

7.    Keep this up for a couple of minutes and with each round of light, see the light increasing and the glow building up in the entire body and even surrounding the entire body, in a beautiful silver white aura of protection, health and safety.



Now using the infinite power of your imagination enter into the light and as you do so let your imagination work and take you to a clearing, you notice a building or structure in the middle of this clearing which looks like a grand structure. It’s a big building and can resemble a great temple/church or a castle of some sort. Use the infinite power of your imagination to visualise exactly what the building looks like. Use your visualisation to see something which you find attractive and which resonates with symbolic meanings to you. As you approach the gates of this either castle or Temple/church, you look up and see someone sitting on top of the temple walls/castle beckoning to you, but you strain to hear what they say. As you come closer you hear them a little better, and you hear what they are saying. They are asking you why you want entrance to this castle. You look up at them and with a deep sense of clarity you give them your inner reason as to why you need to gain entrance. For a moment they stare back at you, with vacant expression, but then suddenly they make a gesture and suddenly the gates of the gates open you walk inside, as you walk inside all tensions, fears and worries leave you.


You’re entering a special place, either a temple/church or a castle depending upon your symbolic frame of reference. Well either way this is a place of shelter, not just a place of physical shelter, but a place of mental, emotional and spiritual protection. Here you are protected, here you are connected. As you walk inside, you see many people and they are all very beautiful.  Although you’ve been travelling in the countryside for days now, you have enjoyed raw beauty, but here you see an amazing beautiful civilisation, beautiful parks, and elegant people. All kinds of people; young people and children all looking beautiful; middle aged and even old people, all dressed beautifully, acting elegantly. And most importantly of all, they seem strangely familiar to you, as if you know them but cannot quite put a name on their face. They are your friends, no even more than that they are your family. You feel a deep sense of inner connection with all these people, and somehow they feel the same way about you too!


There is no greed here, there’s no stress, no anger, no shouting here, this is all behind you. Enjoy now for a minute or so, using the infinite power of your imagination, this beautiful place. Maybe music is playing in the background, or maybe the wind blows gently around you; for now simply use the Infinite power of your imagination to build up the image and enjoy being here in this sanctuary, this placid placed far away the troubles and toils of everyday life.


Now you come out from your reverie, and you look to your left-hand side and suddenly see a tall elegant figure coming towards you. This person is taller and more elegant than anybody else here and you realise that he/she is looking straight at you. Their features are beautiful and impressive (use the infinite power of your imagination to fill in the details of their costume and appearance); they are beckoning you to follow them. Knowing that all is well and that somehow this person is your guide, to this place you follow them into a beautiful inner Temple/chapel, depending upon what works for you and your symbolic frame of reference.


Once again the doors open in front of you and you see a small pool of water. Your guide asks you to strip off and cleanse yourself, in the cleansing pool of iridescent blue light filled water. You take off your cloths and you step into this pool of iridescent blue irradiated cleansing water. As you take the first step, you feel a tingling coolness in water and with the second step an electric sensation if felt, a vibrant feeling is felt and you become ever more relaxed with each step, more relaxed feeling and more as finally you reach the sixth step and now the water is up to the level of your neck. Enjoy the water, splash your face and enjoy the pool, the echoing sounds of the pool and look up and appreciate the intricate artwork on the walls and ceiling.


Now after a minute or two, the elegant guide asks you to come out of the pool. Your guide provides you with a towel to dry yourself, and then some clothes to wear. These are elegant and beautiful and you feel an inner calm feeling, within yourself. Your guide points to yet another door, which opens and you follow him into an inner sanctum. The inner sanctum is an even smaller room and here you see an iridescent white light coming down from an opening in the ceiling. Beautiful energy is flooding the room, and a sphere of iridescent white light is forming in front of you. Your guide points towards the sphere and you know that for your wellbeing you must step inside of it.
As you do so you are infused with a deep inner connection. Bask in this healing, energising, enlightening light. Enjoy!


What is the source of this light?


This light is your inner self inner self, which is never away from God. This higher self, which is always there, protecting you, guiding you and helping you.


Stay here for a couple of minutes and enjoy the experience, using the infinite power of your imagination to enhance the experience.


After another minute or you can either choose to leave the sphere of light or you can seek answer to your questions, if you like.


Once you are satisfied and feel it is time to go, then step back from the light, turnaround to your left hand side and your guide will show you the way out.


Once outside the doors of the inner sanctum, you notice again the beautiful people, then look once again to you right side and see the inner sanctum, what a beautiful building this is!  You look up to beautiful blue skies, and then once again look at elegant familiar people; perhaps listening to the beautiful music went as a wind whistles past.


Remember that this beautiful place is inside you and is always accessible when you wish to come back here at any time. Take a few deep breaths and enjoy this feeling of depth, and expansion. Now look to your right and give you farewells to your guide and with that you are now underway. Say goodbye again to the security person, who sits on the outer wall of this temple/castle and look back one last time, at the beautiful place and enjoy the beautiful view of all the charming people inside.


This is your birth right, this is your inner reality; the stress and the fear, the tension and the worry are your external life, they are the fantasy!


Take one last look and now you find yourself on the mountainside, and now you begin walking and walking and remembering that beautiful place and you are enjoying yourself as you walk down the mountain to the Valley.


And although you’re heading back to regular civilisation, you will not forget the beautiful mountains, where you have spent the last few days, the many wonderful people you’ve met, and the many wonderful experiences which you have enjoyed. And you remember that at any time you can come back here, and enjoy this beautiful this mountain scenery, and of course you can visit this inner sanctum, at any time you wish to in the future. End meditation.


As we can see from this visualisation, there are no hard and fast rules about how it goes. I’ve used two possible pictures here, one of the castle and one of the church/ Temple, because they are common symbolic images. Simply pick one, which suits your temperament and fill out the details using your imagination. Also the idea is to allow your super conscious mind to make contact with your conscious mind. So to do this requires opportunities. So the cleansing in the pool, is an opportunity and also the absorption in the sphere of white light, is an opportunity to connect with your  inner self/soul and it’s important here to not force anything. This should play out semiconsciously. You should have a rough idea of the storyline, but then just go with the flow and let things just go , so especially at those times of the pool and the  sphere of light, give yourself an opportunity to be receptive and receive something from your inner/higher self.


This meditation is not for everybody, but it is very important meditation, for those of us who are good at visualisation. It allows you to recharge yourself with healing light; it allows a chance to reconnect with your inner self. Also, a strong theme of this is of the inner sanctum, the inner sanctuary as it is a place where we can reconnect with the higher self. So this isn’t just imagery, this is a reality, that at any time there is a part of you who is residing in a higher state of being. And it is your birth right to reconnect with this at any time!


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