The 4 Best Herbs for Everyday Health

The 4 Best Herbs for Everyday Health

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There are many herbs, which we can use for our health, I think we all know that, but often we tend to overlook the common herbs, which are widely available and which are really effective!

Over the last few months I have been doing a lot of writing about herbs, both with articles and books. I have one book, which is live in kindle right now, which is about herbs and depression and another, which I will be releasing in a few days, which is on herbal remedies. Anyway, these 4 herbs keep on coming up, over and over again and really I cannot recommend them highly enough. These herbs are:

  • Honey
  • Lemon
  • Ginger
  • Garlic

Now, I know what you are probably thinking, is that these are regular herbs and what benefit can they give, but seriously these are great herbs, which will both prevent ill health from developing and which will also help to cure some forms of ill-health, dead in their tracks.

Sometimes if a thing is really popular, it ends up been ignored or overlooked, and this is the case with these herbs.

So what kind of benefits is to be had?

Well let’s take a quick brief look at some of the benefits, which are as follows:



  1. Anti-bacterial
  2. Anti-fungal
  3. Regulates blood sugar levels and may even help to reduce blood sugar levels in diabetic patients
  4. Good for burns
  5. Good for cuts
  6. As effective as the major anti-biotic, when it comes to treating respiratory infections
  7. Aid sleep, in particular it aids sleep in kids and for kids who have respiratory infections, it helps them to get to sleep.


  1. High in vitamin C
  2. High in fibre
  3. Alkaline the body
  4. Detoxifies
  5. Aids digestion
  6. Kills bacteria
  7. Dissolves uric acid deposits, which helps to relieve symptoms of painful joints
  8. High in potassium, which is good for the brain, nervous system and blood pressure levels
  9. Helps liver enzymes
  10. Balances stomach acidity
  11. Prevents the formation of wrinkles
  12. Good for the yes
  13. Boosts sodium levels
  14. Kicks of the metabolism, when mixed with hot water, first thing in the morning, before breakfast




  1. Contains gingerol, which is an anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxiidant
  2. Good for reducing symptoms of osteoarthritis
  3. Gingerol also helps to reduce inflammation in the colon, which might prevent colon cancer, but will certainly help to reduce problems of the colon.
  4. Reduces muscle pain and soreness.
  5. Reduces blood sugar levels. Can help diabetics to improve their blood pressure levels
  6. Helps chronic indigestion
  7. Relieves nausea
  8. Relives morning sickness
  9. Relives premenstrual tension
  10. Lowers cholesterol levels
  11. It is such a strong anti-oxidant that it may help to prevent Alzheimer’s, as alzheimers appears to be created by oxidative damage to the brain!



  1. Is high in illicin, which helps protect cardiac health and reduces cholesterol levels
  2. High in manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C, selenium, fibre, calcium, copper, potassium, phosphorous, iron and vitamin B1
  3. Can cure the common cold
  4. Reduces blood pressure
  5. Reduces cholesterol levels
  6. Anti-allergen
  7. Detoxifier
  8. Boost bone health
  9. Boosts oestrogen levels, which can help menopausal women


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Ok this is not a complete list of every single benefit of taking honey, lemon, ginger and garlic, but it does at least give you some idea as to the potential benefits.

As you can see this is a list of 41 health benefits, and these are just the most notable ones!

Also, many of these are considerable, especially when we look at high blood pressure, diabetic care, cholesterol lowering effects and general cardiovascular health. If we look at the world health statistics on the major causes of death in the world today, the top 10 read as follows:

You might note that the first cause of death been heart disease, the second been stroke which is another variation on heart disease, as it is caused by cardiovascular problems and the seventh been diabetes. So these 4 herbs, for everyday health, are very effective at preventing or improving three out of the top ten most common causes of death in the world today!

I’m not saying that if you eat honey, lemon, ginger and garlic every day, that you will never have a heart attack, stroke or suffer from diabetic complications, but what I am saying is that they will help to greatly reduce the risk of either developing these conditions, or if you already have these conditions, they will help to reduce the symptoms of these conditions!

Another factor to consider also, is the combined synergistic effect of taking these 4 staples. Honey for example is an excellent medium to mix with many other herbs. Honey and lemon water, for example, is a famous combination. Garlic should be included in most of our meals and we should try to find creative ways of adding in ginger to our daily food intake.


Final Considerations on the Top 4 herbs for everyday heath

The final consideration with these herbs is quantity and frequency. Most people will feel it hard to believe that so many health conditions can either be prevented or improved via such simply foodstuffs, but the thing which we must remember is quantity and frequency.

For a start these 4 herbs have to be taken on a daily basis. Secondly, the quantity has to be considerable. Most scientific studies on the benefit of ginger and garlic, for example, use anywhere from 1 to 3 grams per day of these herbs.

My recommendation to you is to try and take some variation on a daily basis. Try to take in the following:

  • 2 to 3 heaped tablespoons of honey
  • 2 small or 1 medium sized lemon squeezed each day
  • 1 to 3 grams of ginger per day (try to take several slices – the easiest way is to make ginger tea and imbibe it that way)
  • At least 1 clove (3 to 4 grams)

So, whatever you do, try and take some honey, lemon, ginger and garlic everyday as they will have a health boosting effect, which is cheap and easy to achieve.

Herbs do not have to be exotic in order to be helpful, these 4 simple herbs, for everyday health, will produce a good benefit for your health, once you get into the habit of taking them every day!




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