Treating Hemorrhoids Naturally

Treating Hemorrhoids Naturally

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Hemorrhoids are extremely common, with statistics suggesting that upwards of 75% of the population of America have hemorrhoids, in some or other variation. Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are inflamed veins in the rectum and anus. While we have probably all heard of somebody having piles, what most of us do not realize is that most of us actually have piles!


The reason why it’s not obvious, that we have hemorrhoids, is because there are two variations, which are internal and external. The external hemorrhoids are enlarged veins which hang from outside of the anus and are extremely painful, especially when defecating. The internal hemorrhoids are often only slightly enlarged and which are often painless. Blood in the stools, for example, is more often than not a sign of internal hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids are often not very enlarged and consequently they are often pain-free.


From the point of view of treating hemorrhoids naturally, it’s important to realize just how common hemorrhoids are. If you suffer with hemorrhoids, naturally your you will want to treat them. However, even if you’re reading this article and feel no symptoms of hemorrhoids, chances are that you have at least one internal hemorrhoid. Painful external piles come about as a consequence of internal hemorrhoids. So often a person will not know that they have hemorrhoids, until they develop painful external hemorrhoids, by which stage prevention is now out of the question. So when we are talking about treating hemorrhoids naturally, this is something which is necessary both for the hemorrhoids sufferer and also for the person who apparently has no hemorrhoids. Even if you have the hemorrhoids, you should be working on prevention, and if you have hemorrhoids you should be working on treatment.


Hemorrhoids are such a common occurrence, because the veins of the anus and rectum are under a lot of pressure, especially today when we have somewhat refined food and consequently constipation is so prevalent, resulting in forced defecation’s, which over time can damage these veins.


The medical treatment of hemorrhoids consist of creams and in some cases operations. The creams can be quite useful at bringing some relief and the operations are also be helpful, in the case of extreme hemorrhoids breakouts. But for the majority of people, the only treatments which are recommended is to eat a diet which is high in fiber and make a point of drinking enough water, so as to make sure the stools are liquefied and also making a point of not forcing the  bowel movements.

This is good advice, but most of this advice is really things which we should have done in the first place, so as not to develop hemorrhoids in the first place. Once hemorrhoids have developed, these protocols will bring relief, but they will rarely improve the condition of the hemorrhoids. However we can improve the conditions of hemorrhoids by treating hemorrhoids naturally, and also some  of these natural remedies can also act as preventatives, in the case of individuals who have either no hemorrhoids or certainly ones which are not symptomatic  as of yet.



Treating Hemorrhoids Naturally

Physical Treatment Protocols


Witch Hazel:                                                               Apply some witch hazel onto the external hemorrhoids and it will bring instant relief from Keith and itchiness.


Apple cider vinegar:                                                  Apple cider vinegar (ACV) can be applied to a piece of cotton wool and then on the external hemorrhoids, which can be dabbed with this cotton wool to bring about instant relief.


Aloe Vera:                                                                  For internal hemorrhoids, take the Aloe Vera and cut it into strips, while making sure that all thorns are removed. Once this is done freeze the strips. When ready insert the strips inside the anus, for quick relief. For external hemorrhoids, take aloe Vera gel and applying on swollen veins.


Coconut oil:                                                               Apply coconut oil to the external hemorrhoids, to bring about instant relief.


Tea Tree Oil:                                                               Tea tree oil is very powerful, so it has to be mixed with carrier oil, such as olive oil, for instance. Take some tea tree oil mixed with the carrier oil come, will bring immediate relief.


Rutin:                                                                          Rutin is a plant pigment, which appears to help strengthen the veins of the rectum and anus, thus reducing symptoms. Rutin also appears to be useful in treating osteoarthritis symptoms. There are a variety of opinions on dosing, suggesting anywhere from 50 mg to 500 mg twice daily. You will have to experiment, but anecdotal evidence supports the reason is a good treatment for both internal and external hemorrhoids.


Physical Exercises for Prevention and Cure


                                                                           Water Therapy

Water is one of the best preventatives and cure for hemorrhoids, because it flushes fecal matter, out of the intestines. For a more detailed explanation of water therapy, take a look at this article. If you practice water therapy every day, the intestines will be flushed out and the build-up of fecal matter will slowly disappear. The ramifications of this, are that constipation will become a thing of the past, as long as you eat a diet which is high in fiber and you continue to practice water therapy. This is a fantastic preventative and also it will prevent the onset of painful episodes, of piles for hemorrhoid sufferers.



Pawanmulstasana is a great exercise, which helps to strengthen the back, abdominal muscles, legs and arm muscles. It helps the digestion process and it relieves the body of excess gas. Furthermore it enhances blood circulation in the hips and the rectum and anus, which will also help to relieve and prevent hemorrhoids.



Do not perform pawanmukstasana if you have one of the following:

  • High blood pressure
  • Cardiac problems
  • Menstruation
  • Testicular problems
  • Neck and back problems
  • After the second trimester of pregnancy


How to Perform Pawanmukstasana:

  1. Lying on your back with your legs together and arms alongside your body.
  2. Breath in and then exhale; while exhaling in  bring the right knee up to the chest and press the thigh against the abdomen with clasped hands.
  3. Breathing once more and again as you exhale, left your head and chest from the Floor and touch your chin against your right knee.
  4. Hold a position and take deep breaths and then exhale. As you inhale squeeze the against chest and as you exhale loosen the grip.
  5. Repeat this entire process with the left knee.
  6. Then repeat again with both knees tucked into your chest together.
  7. When carrying out this procedure, using both knees, an anal lock can be applied, whereby you concentrate on holding the anus and rectum. Squeeze in and then let go again and repeat several times; this will help to strengthen the anal sphincter and will promote blood circulation, in the rectum and anus, which will help to relieve the hemorrhoids naturally.



Uddiyana is a popular hatha yoga purification exercise, and is very easy to perform. This exercise which is described here, pulls in the stomach wall towards the backbone and has very good health benefits. Particularly in the variation were we sit on all fours and create an anal lock, while sucking in the stomach. Take a look at the article here and look under the section entitled ‘For individuals who find this standing asana difficult‘ , for more details.


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