Ginger Tea Benefits

Ginger Tea Benefits

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Ginger is very good for health, indeed an article outlining the benefits of ginger was posted on May 28, 2016 and in it you will find a lot of useful details about the benefits of ginger.

Benefits include the following:


  • Ginger boosts the immune system
  • Ginger fights nausea
  • Ginger treats high blood pressure
  • Ginger helps to treat osteoarthritis
  • Ginger helps to treat diabetes
  • Ginger helps to prevent diabetes from developing
  • Ginger improve digestion
  • Ginger helps to treat nasal allergies

These are some of the great benefits of taking a Ginger on a regular basis. There are a wide variety of reasons as to why Ginger is so good for health. Ginger possesses a wide variety of her health promoting substances which includes me sesquiterpenes, which fight off allergic reactions in the nose, also gingerol promotes anti-inflammatory effects and which is also a strong antioxidant and it is an anti-carcinogenic. But the benefit of ginger goes beyond Any one substance, which is found in Ginger. There appears to be a synergistic effect which takes place within Ginger, which gives it a Sort of super-tonic like properties. Ginger, garlic, lemons and Honey, in my experience are super tonics!


Ginger Tea and Qi Energy

While Ginger demonstrates a wide variety of amazing benefits, one of the social benefits which is rarely known about Ginger, is that it boosts Qi energy. If you want to learn more about the Qi energy, then take a look at this article here. Briefly summarised Qi energy is the label, which Chinese medicine places upon what is otherwise known in India as pranic energy. This the subtle energy which lies behind everything which you will find in the known universe. The chair which you are sitting on; the air which you are breathing; the thoughts which you are thinking are all forms of tree energy. Physically speaking, when we run low on Qi energy it creates health imbalances, and this is where Ginger comes in to play, because Ginger is one of the best ways to boost Qi energy.

I cannot underestimate the importance of Chi energy, because behind every health complaint, an insufficiency of Qi energy, in one form or other is present. Ginger helps to bring up the Qi energy, which will become a great benefit for many health conditions. In particular, Ginger in the form of a tea is easy to take in and it boosts energy rather quickly, because the Ginger is in raw form and is only boiled rather than cooked, and also you can drink a lot of Ginger tea, which will enable you to take in the sufficient amount of ginger in order to produce the Qi boosting benefits.


Indications and Contraindications

While Ginger tea is a great therapeutic drink, it does have some contraindications. Ginger tea will help anybody who has a deficiency of Qi energy, but it could be detrimental to a person who is ying energy deficient. In Chinese medicine, there are two major groupings of energy, which are yang energy, which is active in nature and ying energy which is nurturing. If a person’s nurturing energy is very low, excessive amount of ginger might make it worse!

A person who is low in energy, will be emotional, irritated, prone to sweating while sleeping, tends to feel hot even when the weather is cold, is nervous and worn down emotionally. People who are ying deficient are usually aged, but sometimes younger people also suffer from these symptoms. If you’re suffering from the symptoms, it would make more sense to nurture yourself first and then when you feel better, then work on the yang energy.

On the other hand if you are reasonably mentally and emotionally balanced, but you feel tired all the time, possibly with dark lines under your eyes, possibly with a weak lower back and weakness behind the knees, possibly frequently urinating and suffering from loose stools, and generally feeling very rundown and lacking the energy to do anything, possibly while retaining water in your body, and you tend to feel cold even when its hot outside, chances are you are yang deficient. If you possess some or all of these symptoms, you are likely yang deficient, in which case Ginger tea will be a great way to boost your energy levels!

Ginger tea will gently warm your body (which is why it should not be taking by yang deficient individuals, as their bodies are too warm already), and in the process as the yang energy increases, water retention will disappear, weakness of the lower back will disappear, energy levels will rise, and such conditions as diabetes and high blood pressure will improve.


Final Thoughts on Ginger Tea as a Qi Tonic

I cannot underestimate the value of Ginger tea as a yang Qi tonic. A sizeable portion of the population is suffering from yang Qi deficiency, as in at least one in four people, maybe as much as one of two people on this planet are yang Qi deficient!

As stated earlier ginger, garlic, lemon and honey should be a staple part of everyone’s diet, in order to maintain good health. If you find yourself suffering from yang deficiency, you can boost your intake of ginger for a period of six weeks. without any negative consequences. In this case you should make your own Ginger tea, and drink it three times per day for six weeks, after which period you should back off to 1 cup a day. If you continue to have issues with yang Qi deficiency, after another six weeks increase to 3 cups a day again and then again reduce. It is not a good idea to continue at a level of tree cups a day, for a long period of time, but you can cycle it, without any negative side effects.


How to Make Ginger Tea Tonic

There are many ways to make ginger tea, but we are looking for a strong tonic like effect rather than taste, so the quantities are pretty high:



Serving suggestions are per cup

  • 2 slices of ginger
  • Half a small lemon squeezed
  • 1 tbsp. of honey
  • 250 ml of water boiled



  1. Add in the ginger and boil
  2. Keep simmering for 1 minutes
  3. Add in the squeezed lemon juice after switching of the gas/electricity
  4. Pour through a tea strainer and into a cup or mug
  5. Add 1 tbsp. if honey and stir


This is the easiest drink to make, but it is very potent and will induce a nice calm and balanced feeling within seconds. If taken regularly, it will act as a general health tonic for the body. If taken three times a day, for six weeks, it will greatly boost the energy reserves and this will benefit many people, who suffer from chronic health conditions, although any ying deficiencies must be worked on before embarking upon a large intake of ginger, over this time period.





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