Detox Juicing Benefits

Detox Juicing Benefits

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The world we are living in is a peculiar place, as in it appears beautiful yet in our present environment, we are being bombarded by pollution, preservatives and other chemicals which are bad for our health and well-being.


We have preservatives in our foods, which are toxic to health. We have foods which are high in sugars and which are acidic, consequently they are also harmful to the body. And we have the environment, with such things as heavy metal and various pollutant which are in the air and water and also the various beverages which we drink. so pollution is also having its toxic effects. Finally our  lifestyle is very stressful, which in turn put stress on our bodies and results in an increase in toxic waste, from cells and an ability to get rid of that toxic waste, so this is another cause.


Toxins when the built up, in our systems,  makes the cells work less efficiently. Toxins also have the effect of making the body work harder, which in turn reduces her ability to heal and regenerate. Free radicals in our fruits result in cellular damage, which also increases the ageing process. On the bigger scale, the organs of the body are under more stress, in particular the liver which is a toxins processing unit in the body, resulting in all sorts of health ailments. In summary, toxins make us age faster, which makes us tired, lacking in energy, and also they put a lot of pressure on organs of the body, which in turn can bring about rapid ageing and ill health.


Benefits of detox


There are many benefits of the detox which includes the following:


  • Detoxing drinks remove toxins from the body
  • Detoxing drinks cleanse the liver
  • Detoxing drinks reduce inflammation
  • Detoxing drinks help weight loss
  • Detoxing drinks boost energy levels
  • Detoxing drinks boost mental clarity
  • Detoxing drinks are good for skin quality
  • Detoxing drinks are good overall health and well-being


So the benefits of detoxing are really quite extensive, and certainly it is worth our while trying to detox ourselves. There are many ways to detox, but probably the easiest way is simply to take detox juices. The reason for this is that there are some foods out there, which when processed can be turned into powerful cleansing juices.


Some powerful detox juice ingredients:


Cucumber :                                                                           Cucumber is high in polphenol compounds, which helps to slow the ageing process will stop the are diuretics, so the encouraged urination, whereby toxins are taken away from the liver and kidneys.


Watermelon:                                                                         Watermelon is very high in water, as the name suggests. When detoxing, the body is releasing lots of toxins from the cells, and these toxins have to be eliminated from the body somehow. The usual elimination process is through defecation, urination, sweating, and breathing out. Having your body hydrated, is one way of helping this process, because water is a lubricant and helps to lubricate the body. Also watermelon is high in vitamins A and B, which fight against free radicals. It reduces inflammation in the body, It is high on lycopene ( which gives it its dark red colour), lycopene is a strong antioxidant, and appears to have a role in reducing the onset of chronic diseases, and may even prevent osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure from forming. Finally watermelon is high on potassium and magnesium, which are vital for managing blood flow in the body, and also from maintaining hydration in the body.


Lemon:                                                                                 Lemon is high in ascorbic acid, which helps to detoxify the body. Also lemon is high in vitamins C, which stimulates white blood cell production and helps to boost the immune system. Lemons help the digestion process and settle the stomach. Also although lemons are acidic, they convert into a base after they have been eaten, which helps to bring the pH balance back into the body.



Grapefruit:                                                                            Like lemon, grapefruit is also had turned into a base in the body, which helps pH levels. Also, grapefruit is high in AMPK (AMP-activated protein kinase), which helps the body to more efficiently use sugar, and also boost your metabolism.


Berries:                                                                                  All berries, including blueberries, raspberries, strawberries have a very good effect on our health. They are powerful antioxidants, which fight ageing within the cells. They are highly keytones which help the body to lose weight. There are high in C and B vitamins, which help boost the immunity and healthy skin.


Ginger and Garlic:                                                                Both ginger and garlic are high in Alicin. Alicon helps to prevent cardiovascular issues, it helps with the treatment of cancer, it possesses anti-biotic, antimicrobial, and even anti-viral properties. Furthermore ginger is high on gingerols, which are strong antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Ginger is known as an effective aid for digestion issues, as well as helping with aches and pains. Another benefit of ginger is that it aids nausea; which is helpful when detoxing because nausea is often a side-effect of detoxing, so ginger can help to reduce nausea when detoxing.


Mint:                                                                                     Mint is very high in antioxidants properties. Also Mint increases bile production, which will help the stomach and will aid digestion, which will helps with detoxification of the body. Also Mint is very good for oral health because of this antimicrobial properties.


Apple Cider Vinegar:                                                           Apple cider vinegar can be easily taken as one tablespoon mixed in a glass of water. It is many benefits, which includes aiding weight loss, aiding blood sugar control, helping to reduce symptoms of acid reflux and boosting the effectiveness stomach enzymes. But also it is a strong base, which can help to correct the pH levels within the body, within a very short period of time. It promotes cardiovascular health, it contains acidic acid which helps to improve the metabolism, and it has a generally cleansing effect upon the body.


Green tea:                                                                           Green tea is a very simple yet powerful compounds, which makes a tasty tea infusion, which also has amazing health benefits. Green tea can do many things, such as boosting immunity increasing fat burning, boosting brainpower, protecting the brain from dementia and is also good antibacterial agent. But more importantly, it helps to fight cancer, is very high in antioxidants, to the degree that it has profound detoxing effects on the body, when taking a regular basis.


Honey:                                                                                 Honey is so commonplace that its easy to overlook its many benefits. It’s a very good anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, it reduces costs call symptoms, it treat wounds and it regulates blood sugar levels. But also it helps the stomach and the digestion processes and it treats allergies. Furthermore, it helps to prevent cancers from developing and is good for the heart. Overall it’s a great health tonic.


How to take these detox juices


There are ways of taking these ingredients in detox juices. Some of them can be taken as stand-alone detoxing agents, such as apple cider vinegar and green tea. Others such as honey are very flexible, and can be taken either directly or mixed with other beverages. All the others can of course be taken on their own, but often it can be difficult to imbibe some of them on their own. For example ginger and garlic are pretty strong tasting, so taking on their own is a no no. In some cases they can be added to foods such as garlic and ginger, and other cases they can be made into juices or smoothies. For example raspberries strawberries and berries can be mixed into either juices or smoothies, while others like ginger and garlic will go far better in a juice, but which can also be taken as smoothies as well.


So hopefully by now you have some insight as to why detoxing is important, and why detox juices are critically important, because they are so easy to take. Also it is important to note, that every ingredient here are simple regularly occurring ingredients, and you’re probably already taking many of these ingredients on a regular basis. The key thing is to realise that these are not just healthy foods, but rather they are detoxing foods, which will help you  detox and also will help you to deal with the side-effects of detoxing.


Which leads onto the interesting theme, of perceptions around detoxing, and detox juices in general. The general image is one of great difficulty, and drinking horrible green and blue coloured gooey drinks. Hopefully by now you see that is easier to detox than you might realise, and that some of the best detoxing agents are in your kitchen.


So don’t think for one minute that it difficult to detox. Rather get into the habit of detoxing a little on a regular basis, as very intense detoxes are difficult to maintain. Rather getting into good habits, of taking detoxing food and drinks, such as detox juices, are easy and can often be quite enjoyable to take



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